Bandeni Ltd. - official representative of Danfoss
Бандени ООД - лого

Vacon 20

Vacon 20 на Danfoss Drives

Ефективно бюджетно решение за
каскадно управление на помпи

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VLT Automationdrive FC 302

VLT® Automationdrive FC 302

Предсказуеми / базирани на състоянието функции
за поддръжка
Максимална съвместимост с вашето приложение

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frequency converters - VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

Flexibility and Ease of Operation

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VLT® HVAC Drive - frequency controllers


Better microclimate and
lower air-conditioning costs

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VLT® Flex Concept

Danfoss – VLT® Flex Concept

Innovative Flexible Concept

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Energy saving by Revcon

Energy saving by Revcon

Bandeni implements Revcon energy saving devices

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Frequency controllers - VLT® Automation Drive

VLT® Automation Drive

Bandeni has launched a series of projects
in petroleum bases with Danfoss Frequency Regulators

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