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Vacon 20

Vacon 20 на Danfoss Drives

Ефективно бюджетно решение за
каскадно управление на помпи

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VLT Automationdrive FC 302

VLT® Automationdrive FC 302

Предсказуеми / базирани на състоянието функции
за поддръжка
Максимална съвместимост с вашето приложение

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frequency converters - VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

Flexibility and Ease of Operation

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VLT® HVAC Drive - frequency controllers


Better microclimate and
lower air-conditioning costs

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VLT® Flex Concept

Danfoss – VLT® Flex Concept

Innovative Flexible Concept

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Energy saving by Revcon

Energy saving by Revcon

Bandeni implements Revcon energy saving devices

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Frequency controllers - VLT® Automation Drive

VLT® Automation Drive

Bandeni has launched a series of projects
in petroleum bases with Danfoss Frequency Regulators

  • VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF 005 and AHF 010

    advanced Harmonic Filter AHF 005 and AHF 010

    These passive harmonic filters are robust and easy to use. They reduce harmonics while maintaining good system energy efficiency.

    Strong performance

    The AHF 005 and AHF 010 filters deliver superior system performance, and reduce THDi to less than 5% or 10% respectively, at nominal conditions.

    Optimized design

    The filters offer superior cooling, very low heat losses and a compact footprint. The integrated capacitors can be switched off to reduce the reactive current at low loads.

    Line voltage and filter current

    3 x 380/400/500/600/690 V...10-480 A*

    * Achieve higher ratings by connecting in parallel.

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